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Elke Thijskens grew up in Belgium, and studied Medicine at K. U. Leuven, Belgium, before coming to the United Kingdom for her final registrar year. She now works as a GP at Kimbolton Medical Centre.

David Cottingham grew up in Spain, before moving to the UK. He studied Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, stayed to do a Ph.D. at the Computer Laboratory, and having graduated is now interested in technology start-ups. He is one of the founders of N-Sim, a software consultancy. He blogs at Startups, Tax & Software.

We were married on the 23rd of June 2007, in Sint Pieterskerk, Leuven, and now live in one of the villages close to Cambridge, UK. Belgian tradition meant that Elke did not change surname, though when formally referring to us as a couple, this should be as Elke & David Cottingham-Thijskens.

To contact us, please use the form (First Name)@elkeAndDavid.com, or for both of us, use the word "us" instead of a first name in the e-mail address.

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